Walnut Township Trustees

Press Release – March 2021

After two (2) public Hearings and the input of our residents, Walnut Township has adopted a Property Maintenance Resolution based on the 2018 International Property Maintenance Code to address on a priority basis, properties that have fallen into a state of disrepair and or have accumulated debris, junk and rubbish.  With this Resolution, we will be addressing the exterior visibility of the structure(s) and the site and yard areas.  

We believe that neighborhoods with properties that are kept neat and clean are safer and will improve the quality and value of our neighborhoods.  The Township has hired a part-time maintenance inspector to carry out this resolution.  To clarify, priority basis means that we will be addressing the properties with the most challenges first.  We respectfully ask for your patience as we carry this out in the most expeditious way possible with the funds that are available.  With a fair and legal process in place, some properties will take longer to get resolved than others.  We hope that you will agree with us that we now have a process in place that will help us achieve a long-awaited goal of cleaning up these neglected and unsightly properties. 

Walnut Township Trustees:

Bill Yates  |  Terry Horn  |  Doug Leith