Residents of Walnut Township can help control mosquitoes in their rural community and help protect themselves, their family, and their neighbors from the infectious diseases carried by mosquitoes.

ALTOSID preventative larvicide briquettes are available at the Walnut Township office. Residents in the township can purchase the larvicide for $2 per briquette.

ALTOSID briquettes are designed to control mosquitoes in small bodies of water. Application sites include storm drains catch basins, roadside ditches, fish ponds, ornamental ponds and fountains, artificial water-holding containers, cesspools and septic tanks, waste treatment and settling ponds, flooded crypts, transformer vaults, and abandoned swimming pools.

ALTOSID XR Extended Residual Briquettes can be placed before or during the mosquito season. Briquettes may be applied prior to flooding when the sites are dry. Under normal conditions, one application should last the entire mosquito season, or up to 150 days. Alternate wetting and drying will not reduce Altosid’s effectiveness.

See the ALTOSID specimen label for exact application information, or go to

1 Briquette Coverage:
2 foot.water depth –  200 Sq. ft.
1 foot water depth  – 400 Sq. ft.
6 inches water depth  – 800 Sq. Ft.
Cattail marshes  – 100 Sq. ft.
Swamp marshes  – 100 Sq. ft.