The primary responsibility of the Walnut Twp. Road Department during periods of ice and snow is to make our roads as safe as possible for the traveling public & emergency vehicles. On many occasions, snows are wet and heavy. Trucks with plows necessarily have to travel at speeds capable of moving this “slush” off the roads. This policy applies only to mailboxes along Township maintained roads whereby a Township snow plow makes direct contact with a mailbox. In most cases the mailboxes are actually hit by snow thrown into the mailbox by the plow. Damages incurred by thrown or pushed snow are not covered under this policy. It is your responsibility to insure your mailbox has been installed/maintained in accordance with the current ODOT/USPS regulations and can withstand the impact of thrown or pushed snow. Please keep mailboxes as far from the edge of the road as possible.

In the event a Walnut Township snow plow makes direct contact and damages your mailbox, the driver will note the time and address as they observe the event. You will be contacted in a timely manner. You may also contact the Township office to report any damage at (740) 467-2420. As soon as the roads are determined to be safe for travel during a snow/ice event, the Road Department workers shall begin addressing the mailbox damage to ensure that interruption of mail delivery is minimized.

Township policy in case of damage to mailboxes by Township plows is limited to repair of the existing mailbox or replacement with a generic mailbox and 4×4 treated wood post. Repairs will not be made to mailboxes that are improperly installed or maintained.
Not all roads within the Township are maintained by Walnut Township. Mailboxes along County or State maintained roads are not covered by this policy. You may call the County Engineer at (740) 652-2300 or the State (ODOT District 5) at (740) 323-4400 for questions about their individual policies or to report damages if you reside on a County or State road.

Adopted 12/2/2014