Fiscal Officer
The Fiscal Officer for Walnut Township is an elected official who serves a four-year term. This position serves not only as the secretary of the Board of Trustees and as Fiscal Officer of the Township, but also has varied and numerous ministerial duties as a public official. The Fiscal Officer shall keep an accurate account of the board’s proceedings at all meetings, and an exact record of all its accounts and transactions. The financial center of Walnut Township is found in its fiscal office. Budget, payroll, quarterly and yearly reports, pension and all issues related to township finance are handled in the fiscal office.

The Walnut Township Fiscal Officer is connected to the Board of Trustees as the office is not a decision making office but is an independent office of the Trustee Board that must work in close conjunction with each other.

The Walnut Township Fiscal Officer is responsible for ensuring that all legal and regular records in the Township are kept in accordance with provisions set forth in Section 507.01 of the Ohio Revised Code as well as directives issued by the Ohio State Auditor’s Office. The office is responsible for doing the annual budget and appropriations for the Township. The finances are computerized and are audited every two years by either an independent State Certified Auditor, or by the State Auditor’s Office. The Fiscal Officer/Clerk works closely with the Board of Trustees, County Auditor, County Recorder, County Treasurer and the County Engineer to help maintain the fiscal soundness of the Township.

Other responsibilities of the Fiscal Officer/Clerk includes maintaining all recording of the action of the Board of Trustees, their proceedings, budgeting, accounting, payroll and making sure that payroll records are kept up to date, as well as follow through with various department records to see that they are up to date when the Auditors request them.

The Fiscal Officer/Clerk is also in charge of the monies that are received for the Township as well as for all the money that is spent by the Township, The office is also responsible for certifying all purchases or sales done by the Township, such as legal ads for sale or purchase by the Township, special meetings and contracted work to be done in the Township. The Fiscal Officer is also responsible for keeping of the minutes of all meetings of the Trustees.

Fiscal Officer Jane Baker’s term ends March 31, 2019.