Inspects properties that have been suspected of having violated the Township’s Property Maintenance Resolution.  Visits alleged properties with Township vehicle and may meet with alleged violators in person.  Communicates with violators in person, phone and email.  Document’s violations and sends letters to violators.  Follows up with violators to remediate violations and when necessary, appears in Municipal Court (on small percentage of cases) on court assigned date as an expert witness.  Reports to Township Trustees.  

Candidate must have the ability to identify violations of the 2018 International Property Maintenance Code, Chapter 3 (exterior and site).  Persons with property maintenance inspection or home inspection experience is preferred.  Law enforcement experience helpful.  Relevant certifications a plus. 

Inspection can be conducted during daylight hours, 7-days a week.  Reports can be performed at home on employees own computer if adequate for the tasks assigned, or in the office on Township’s computer.   Must have great written and verbal communication skills and may work under tense and stressful situations.  Proficiency working with digital documents and manipulating them and accessing remote data is a critical function of the position. Must have excellent working knowledge of MS Word, formatting etc. (you will be asked to demonstrate your ability in this area) and know MS Excel in preparation of reports and violation notices.  

This part-time employee position pays $14 – $17/hour and up to $5,000- $8,000 annually.  No benefits will be paid, except Ohio Public Employee Retirement System (OPERS) if employee is in the OPERS system.

Must have high school diploma or equivalent; valid Ohio driver’s license; must pass drug test and background check.  

Interested persons, please visit for detailed “Job Description”. 

Submit the following:  

  1. Resume.
  2. Three (3) references from persons whom you have worked with.
  3. Letter explaining why you are uniquely qualified to be a Property Maintenance Inspector with a focus on your background and interpersonal skills. 
  4. Letter of recommendation from current or past co-worker(s) or supervisor(s) is not required at time of submission, but will be if an interview is requested.  

To:  Walnut Township Trustees at  Questions can be directed to Trustee, Terry Horn at or 740-503-2200.